The Fruits of Our Labor

Kam, J. W. Y., Griffin, S., Shen, A., Patel, S., Hinrichs, H., Heinze, H.-J., Deouell, L.Y., Knight, R.T.

Direct Evidence for Prediction Signals in Frontal Cortex Independent of Prediction Error, Cerebral Cortex

(In Press)

S. Dürschmid, C. Reichert, H. Hinrichs, H.-J. Heinze, H. E. Kirsch, R. T. Knight and L. Y. Deouell

Evidence for linear but not helical automatic representation of pitch in the human auditory system

(In Press)

Regev, T.I., Nelken, I., Deouell, L.Y.

Erel, H.,  Ronen, T., Freedman, G., Deouell, L.Y., Levy, D.A.

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