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Leon Y. Deouell, MD, PhD
Jack H. Skirball chair in neuroscience

I was toward the end of my medical studies when I first met patients with neuropsychological deficits like unilateral neglect and got fascinated with the link between the brain and cognition. I feel privileged for being able to study this, with students and collaborators, ever since. I am a member of a the department of psychology and the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Neuroscience where I head the neuroimaging unit.  I am also a visiting researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Empirical Aesthetics.



Ruoyi Cao,

PhD Student, Neuroscience


consciousness, attention,

working memory and their relationships using EEG, eyetracker and psychophysics.

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Tamar Regev,

PhD student, Neuroscience

My PhD focuses on the neural representation of auditory pitch, using EEG in musicians and non-musicians.
My background is in Physics, Biology and Cognitive Science and my hobbies are playing music and creating art with computers and electronics.


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Deborah Marciano,

PhD Student, Cognitive Neuroscience

I investigate the way we make decisions and evaluate outcomes. I use a combination of neuroscience techniques (EEG) and behavioral economics paradigms. In my PhD, I focused on the electrophysiological correlates of outcome comparison. I am the proud mother of two trademarked biases – the Alternative Omen Effect and the Limited Luck Belief – and three fantastic kids.

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Carmel Auerbach, 

PhD student, Neuroscience

I study free visual processing in free viewing using EEG and eye-tracking

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Chen Gueta,

MA Student

I am finishing my MA in clinical rehabilitational neuro-psychology in the lab. I am currently the lab manager


Gal Vishne,

PhD Student, Neuroscience

PhD Student, Computational Neuroscience
I study how perception and awareness unfold through time, using a combination of neural recordings and computational modelling. Before joining the computational neuroscience program in ELSC, I recieved a BSc in mathematics from Bar Ilan university.

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Ariel Furstenberg,


I am a research associate at the Hebrew University. My current interest lies at the borderline between philosophy and brain science, specifically regarding the issue of agency, intentionality, self-control and free-will; conducting human behavioral and electrophysiological experimentation.

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Naomi Revel,

Reasearch Assistant

Currently studying for B.A in Cognitive science and Psychology.

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Shai Shachar,

MA Student 

I am currently a third year BSc. Student of psychobiology.  I am part of a fast trak MA program in psychology.  My research interests center around auditory predictions and their neural correlates.


Gal Chen,

PhD Student, Psychology

I am studying the underlying mechanisms of selection to awareness and it's neural correlates.

Natalie yosupov,
Software Developer


Bachelor's degree student of CS