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Leon Y. Deouell, MD, PhD
Jack H. Skirball chair in neuroscience

I was toward the end of my medical studies when I first met patients with neuropsychological deficits like unilateral neglect and got fascinated with the link between the brain and cognition. I feel privileged for being able to study this, with students and collaborators, ever since. I am a member of a the department of psychology and the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Neuroscience where I head the neuroimaging unit.  I am also a visiting researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Empirical Aesthetics.



Ruoyi Cao,

PhD Student, Neuroscience


consciousness, attention,

working memory and their relationships using EEG, eyetracker and psychophysics.

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Carmel Auerbach, 

PhD student, Neuroscience

I study free visual processing in free viewing using EEG and eye-tracking



Gal Vishne,

PhD Student, Neuroscience

PhD Student, Computational Neuroscience
I study how perception and awareness unfold through time, using a combination of neural recordings and computational modelling. Before joining the computational neuroscience program in ELSC, I recieved a BSc in mathematics from Bar Ilan university.

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Ariel Furstenberg,


I am a research associate at the Hebrew University. My current interest lies at the borderline between philosophy and brain science, specifically regarding the issue of agency, intentionality, self-control and free-will; conducting human behavioral and electrophysiological experimentation.

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Chen Gueta,

MA Student

I am finishing my MA in clinical rehabilitational neuro-psychology in the lab. I am currently the lab manager


Gal Chen,

PhD Student, Psychology

I study the neural and cognitive processes that take place in unconscious and conscious processing of speech, and the conditions in which we process the things we don't listen to.


Natalie yosupov,
Software Developer

Bachelor's degree student of CS 

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