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The Fruits of Our Labor

Golan, T., Davidesco, I., Meshulam, M., Groppe, D. M., Mégevand, P., Yeagle, E. M., Goldfinger, M. S., Harel, M., Melloni, L., Schroeder, C. E.  Deouell, L. Y., Mehta, A. D., Malach, R.

Breska, A., & Deouell, L. Y. 

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Dürschmid S., Edwards E., Reichert, C., Dewar, C., Hinrichs, H., Heinze H-J., Kirsch, H.E.,  Dalal, S.S., Deouell, L.Y., Knight, R.T. 

Deouell L.Y, Grill-Spector K., Malach R., Murray M.M., Rossion B.

Pfeiffer, T., Heinze, N., Frysch, R., Deouell, L.Y., Schoenfeld, M.A., Knight, R.T., and Rose, G.

Deouell, L.Y

A Harel, IIA Groen, DJ Kravitz, LY Deouell, CI Baker

EM Gerber, B Sadeh, A Ward, RT Knight, LY Deouell